30 Writing Challenges

29 Sep

I’ve been asked to post the 30 writing challenges that I’m slowly working my way through, so here they are. The original list was a 30 DAY writing challenge. I just don’t write that fast, and I have plenty of other things that I need to write too, so I’m working my way through the list in my own time. It’s a good way of thinking and writing about things you maybe wouldn’t normally think or write about.

Why not give it a go? You never know, you might enjoy it – I know I am. If you do go for it, feel free to let me know, I love to see how various people come up with completely different ideas, all from the same writing prompt.

Here is the list of the 30 Writing Challenges

Challenge 1: Re-write a classic fairy tale.

Challenge 2: Write a fanfiction.

Challenge 3: Write a story that takes place pre-1950.

Challenge 4: Write a poem using the words: blue, mistrust, half, twang.

Challenge 5: Write a story revolving around an object in the room you are currently in.

Challenge 6: Start a story with: “He glanced at his watch impatiently…”

Challenge 7: Create a superhero. Have he/she save the day.

Challenge 8: Write a romance story about any well known fictional horror character.

Challenge 9: Write a story based on the title of the last movie you saw (without using the plot from that movie).

Challenge 10: Start a story with: “She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled…”

Challenge 11: Write a story where the characters get lost on a journey.

Challenge 12: Pick a random word from a random page of your dictionary. Write a story about that word.

Challenge 13: Begin a story with “I thought I saw…”

Challenge 14: It’s Christmas Day. What happens?

Challenge 15: Write about a stranger you see. What do you imagine they could be doing at the moment you see them?

Challenge 16: Write a story about the next headline news story you see/read.

Challenge 17: Use time travel in a story.

Challenge 18: Write a story set in a ghost town.

Challenge 19: Write a fictional story about a real event from any period of history.

Challenge 20: Use these words in a story: grandfather, photo album, post office, and folder.

Challenge 21: Take a character from a well known book/movie. Place them in another well known book/movie from a different genre. Write what happens.

Challenge 22: Write a story about making something to eat.

Challenge 23: Write the story of one of your childhood memories.

Challenge 24: Write a story that takes place 100 years in the future.

Challenge 25: Write a story that includes a mythical creature.

Challenge 26: Pick a random photograph from anywhere. Make up a story of what’s happening in the picture.

Challenge 27: Write a story about a romance beginning, or a romance ending.

Challenge 28: Write a story set on a ship. Past, present or future.

Challenge 29: Write a science fiction story.

Challenge 30: Write a story or poem about ice.

The original list is available here. You’ll see that, as I’ve stated previously, it was intended to be a 30 DAY writing challenge. I just don’t write that fast, and I also have other things I need to be writing about, so I dropped the time limit in order to complete it in my own time. You’ll also notice I’ve altered some of the challenges.

Once again, why not give it a go? It’s only a bit of fun.



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    A brilliant way of getting the creative juices flowing and getting out of your comfort zone!



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