Romany Skies – A Beginning

19 Sep

Romany SkiesRomany Skies – part one of the Sam Creedy Chronicles – is a fantasy novel, the first of an intended three. This is just a random extract because… just because. And if you know me, you’ll know I’ll get round to finishing it one day…

A Beginning.

Sam sat in silence while Kate read his manuscript. A shaft of sunlight crept through a chink in the curtains, highlighting her honey blonde hair in a halo of golden fire, framing her face. The face he now surveyed with loving eyes. His gaze moved over her smooth brow, took in her deep blue eyes that flitted back and forth as they scanned the text before them. Kate’s small, pixie-like nose wrinkled in that insanely cute way it had when something made her smile. Then on to her lips, her juicy, plump, shining red lips, that moved with the words as she read. Her tongue, pink and glistening, darted out to lick them, disappearing almost as soon as it had appeared. And suddenly, just like that, he was hard. He wanted her. Right here. Right now.


​Kate continued to read, as though oblivious to Sam. Or she was just ignoring him.

“Babe?” Louder.

​Kate raised a hand, one finger wagging from side to side as she hushed him. Sam’s eyes followed its every move. Christ, the things he’d seen those fingers do, the things she’d done to herself with them while he watched, spellbound and horny as hell. Jesus, he wanted her so much. Again. Sam shifted in his chair, his hardness making his sitting position more and more uncomfortable.

​”Baby, please…”

​Kate stopped reading with a sigh, and fixed Sam with what she liked to call her ‘annoyed school mistress’ look. It didn’t do a thing to dispel the party going on inside his jeans. In fact, it increased the tempo several times over.

​”Yes Samuel, what is it?” she said, half sternly, half amused.

​”Katie, baby, can’t you finish reading it later? I know something a lot more fun we could be doing.” Sam shifted in the chair again, and Kate’s gaze dropped to the bulging crotch of his Levis. She arched one eyebrow and met his pleading eyes with her cool, amused ones.

​”No Samuel, I cannot finish this later.” Kate picked up the sheaf of papers that lay on the bed in front of her crossed legs, and waved them at Sam. “This is your work, your book. So be happy that I’m reading and enjoying what you’ve written so far. And besides,” Kate glanced at him with an impish look. “I’ve just reached the part where you introduce us readers to the new Queen, and as she’s based on me I want to see whether you’ve done me justice or not.”

​Sam tore his gaze from her chest as she finished talking. The sunlight shone in rays through the curtains, illuminating her as though she were a work of art in a museum. Kate was wearing one of his old shirts, and to Sam’s delight, the sun’s rays made the shirt semi transparent. Her nicely rounded boobs jiggled in a suggestive way as Kate waved the manuscript in the air. He was sure she knew the exact effect the view was having on him.

​”But baby, you can finish reading it later…”

​Kate shook her head “No Samuel. Not later. Now. I suggest you take that,” she pointed at the now very pronounced bulge in his crotch. “To the bathroom and either use your hands or have a cold shower to ease your discomfort.”

​Ah, as he’d thought, she did know the effect she was having on him.

​”You’re a virile,” she giggled and licked her lips. “A very virile twenty year old. I’m sure you’ll be able to find the energy, and inclination, to do whatever you want with me later on.”

​Sam sighed, then grinned, leering at Kate through squinted eyes, as an old sea dog would eye up a young dockside whore.

​”Ah’ll be takin’ yer up on that thar offer, me dahlin’.” He made his eyes bulge out as he ogled her small but perfectly formed body, licking his lips in an exaggerated way, saliva glistening on his chin.

“Eww Sammy, stop it, that’s disgusting!” Kate squealed, trying to be stern but unable to suppress her sweet, musical laugh. “Get out of here and let me finish reading, before I decide to retract that offer.”

Sam stood up straight and threw a mock salute. “Yes ma’am, I’m outta here.” He executed a smart about-face and marched awkwardly towards the door, his hard-on making movement difficult.

​”And Sam?”

​Sam paused and turned back, eyes studying the small form sat cross legged on their bed, the small form that was his entire world, his reason for being.

​”Yes baby?”

​”Thank you for making me the Queen of Romayne. It’s an honour, a real honest to goodness honour, and it means so much to me.” Kate blushed as she smiled up at Sam, that radiant, heart-stoppingly gorgeous smile that never failed to turn his heart into a melted mush. “I love you Samuel Edward Creedy. More than words.”

​Sam smiled back, while he waited for his heart to reform and continue beating. After a moment he felt it thumping in his chest once again.

​”I love you too Queen Kate,” he replied quietly. “I love you too.”

That shallot…





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