Shots Fired!

06 Oct


Pirates try to fight back...

Pirates try to fight back…

Following on from my previous post, regarding internet pirates, I received a response from them late Sunday night… (I have removed their links, I’m not going to give them any publicity.)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please, go to the support section of our web-site by following this link: [Link Removed] , type in your name and contact e-mail, set Department to DMCA Abuse and put the links which infringe the DMCA policy to the Your Request text area, please note, we can only remove links from our web-site – [Link Removed] , so the links MUST be from OUR web-site, not third party web-sites.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

Trying to wriggle out of it. Nothing surprising about that, I guess. So I went back to their site to make sure it was actually their website, and not a third party, as it seemed they were trying to imply. Lo and behold, no third party was in view.

There was nothing for it but follow the instructions in their response, and here was my reply… (Once again, links removed.)

Thank you for the email from Mr. —- —- in, customer support, regarding my email. Following his advice, here is the link to the page on your site which contains the download links for my copyrighted work.

[Link Removed]

Once again, please remove these files from your site with immediate effect. This is a copyrighted work, MY copyrighted work, and you definitely do NOT have my permission to share it.

Thank you for your compliance with this issue, which I expect to have been resolved within 48 hours. Please email as soon as the files have been removed so that I can inform my solicitor the matter has been dealt with.

Alen B Curtiss

Once again, I’ll wait for their reply. Maybe not with baited breath, but a slight interest will definitely be involved.








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