Pirates Repelled…

08 Oct
RIP pirates - for now.

RIP pirates – for now.

A quick update to conclude the ongoing story of my last two posts.

I’ve had no communication from the file-sharing site, but (drum roll please) clicking the link which took you to the page containing the illegal download links to my story, now results in ‘Page Not Found’ being displayed.

Pirate attack repelled! Victory! A tot of rum for all!

As I wrote in my original post, it wasn’t all that big a deal. Mostly it was just the principle – what they were doing just wasn’t right. I’m under no illusions, I know it will happen again. Chances are it already is, on sites I know nothing about. But I’ve at least achieved something, and I’ll take that.

I didn’t expect a follow up email from them to confirm they’d removed the links. They couldn’t really, as that would be an admission that they were illegally sharing copyrighted work. But at least they listened.

The funny thing is, if they’d asked I’d have let them carry on sharing my work with the world. But as expected, they didn’t have the balls to stand up and admit what they were doing. The only real losers in the world of illegal file-sharing are the pirates themselves – dignity can’t be shared or downloaded.

Now, where’s that rum?



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