New Book from Leanora Moore

14 Jan
Rhymes From The Heart

Rhymes From The Heart

A friend of mine, Leanora Moore, has released a new book in her Musical Curves Series. Her new work is titled Rhymes From The Heart, and I’d appreciate it if you could check it out and help to support another Indie author. Rhymes From The Heart is available to buy from Amazon, just click on Rhymes From The Heart, or the book cover image, to be taken straight to the Amazon page.

Rhymes from The Heart

Tazmin Foster had the fame and the money that she had always dreamed of, but most importantly she had her family and friends that she loved dearly. Running her own record label was challenging, but she thrived under pressure and wouldn’t have traded her life for anything in the world. When it came to her romantic life, Tazmin hadn’t date much, because all the men she had dated all turned out to be trying to use her to further their career.

Adonis Elliott was an independent rapper with a huge fan base, and he loved having his music heard by his fans. As a well-known ladies man, he also loved the ladies and their eagerness to please him, which come along with the price of being famous.

Can two people with different values on dating find a middle ground so they could at least become friends, or will desire play a huge role in their relationship and lead them down the path of no return?


Again, Rhymes From The Heart is available to buy from Amazon, just click on the book title or image. Your support of Indie authors is greatly appreciated.

Laters all…


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