Cold Blooded – Coming soon

15 Aug

Book promotion time again! This time it’s for ‘Cold Blooded’, an exciting crime drama set in New York, by author Erik Smalls. Erik has published two previous novels – Never Give Up and Eye for an Eye – both of which are available for purchase from Amazon by clicking the links. ‘Cold Blooded’, the third novel from the talented pen of Mr. Smalls, will be available for purchase soon. We will keep you posted.

Cold Blooded - coming soon

Cold Blooded – coming soon

Cold Blooded

The life of a detective in New York is hard enough as it is, but for John Davis, the problems keep piling up. The body count climbs as innocent people are gunned down left and right, starting with John’s former partner.

John struggles to connect the dots as he faces troubles with his frightened wife, rebellious son, and quickly maturing daughter. On top of it all, a dark figure from John’s past returns.

The homicidal priest with a vigilante complex known as Kenkade is back in town. He is there to make sure John makes up for past mistakes, or Kenkade will finish the job for him. If that happens, then the killing has just begun.

Erik Smalls

Erik Smalls is a successful business owner and Network Administrator. Erik’s IT Company is located in the heart of Mid-town Manhattan. After struggling to become successful Erik has gone back to the urban communities like the one he was raised in to mentor New York City’s homeless children.

Erik is the author of two published novels. ‘Never Give Up’, is a bone chilling, heartfelt biography of the man Erik used to be, his epiphany, and the man he is now. ‘Eye for an Eye’, is an exciting, suspenseful crime fiction novel that takes place in East New York, Brooklyn.

Connect with Erik

Twitter – @EriksBook

Facebook 1 – EriksBook

Facebook 2 – Entertainment in New York City

‘Never Give Up’ available from Amazon here.

‘Eye for an Eye’ available from Amazon here.

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