Merry Christmas One And All

24 Dec

Challenge 24 of the 30 Writing Challenges states… What? Wait… It’s Christmas eve, what am I doing writing?

Although doing one challenge per day until the end of the month was a good idea to get back into the writing habit (and it has worked really well so far), trying to do them over the Christmas period just isn’t feasible. I don’t have many plans, but I still don’t want the thought ‘I need to complete today’s challenge soon’ to be plaguing me.

So, I’m going to put the challenges on hold until next week – Monday, maybe Tuesday. If I feel inspired, and also feel like taking some time out from the festivities, then I might write something, but no promises, okay?

On that note, I will bid each and every one of you to have a very merry Christmas – may you be surrounded by loved ones and laughter, by good times and humour. Somewhere, in the inky blackness of the Christmas sky, a star is shining bright just for you.

Take care of you and yours, and I’ll see you all soon.



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