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Diary of an Explorer #2

Elite Dangerous

Ship’s Log: Star Date 3303-07-28

A quick entry – more from embarrassment than the lack of anything to say.

I left Lembava, full of high spirits, visions of glorious adventure in my mind. 3000ly years out I decided to land on a moon to pick up a few minerals for my FMV. My mother always told me I was too hasty growing up, that I needed to slow down and smell the roses once in a while. Well, you know what? She was right.

Guess who never checked the moon’s gravity before going in to land?

Yes, that’s right, this bad boy, that’s who. In too much of a hurry.

Cruising down to the surface to land I though it seemed I was going a bit too fast. No bother, I thought, I can handle this. Wrong. Vertical thrusters on full I still pancaked onto the barren, rock strewn landscape. My shields vanished, alarms sounded, my cockpit cracked.

Yep, gravity sucks.

CMDR ABCurtiss

Look, mom, I’m a less than competent pilot.

Fortunately my momentum bounced my ship back up, and with full power to everything I had my Star Dancer was able to make it back into orbit. Using the FMV I managed to repair everything, apart from the FMV itself and the power plant. As both had sustained over 40% damage, I though the smart and prudent course of action was to head back to the Bubble for repairs.

I know, I’m a fool.

I am now docked at Ising Vision in the Neto system, home of the famous Pixel Bandits Security Force. They were gracious enough to accept me into their ranks, even after my amateurish error.

All systems are fully repaired and operational, so I leave tonight on my grand adventure (again).

Let’s just pretend my little mishap never happened, deal?



CMDR ABCurtiss signing off.



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Well, here I am. Finally in the world of Blogs… A somewhat strange world to the novice, slightly confusing at first, daunting. But, I appear to have got to grips with at least some of it. No doubt there are a wealth of features that I have yet to discover, and probably even more that I’ll stumble accidentally upon, dazed and confused, mouse clicking merrily away on any interesting looking link.

For now, I have managed to get some information about myself and some of my writing up on my blog (My Blog! Who’d have thought I’d ever say those words!). I need to spend time looking at how to change colours and background images and a variety of other things, but for now I’m just happy that I’ve got this far. Any tips will be greatfully received!

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