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Freedom Through Unity?

Unity in the Community Logo2Can unity can achieve freedom? Yes, of course it can – governments are supposed to be servants of the people, after all. But that only works when the people stand together as one group, one voice. If all a government hears is the clamouring from a myriad of different groups, all demanding their own, individual, wants and needs, then the overall message will be lost in the tumult. A government will then just ignore the commotion, dismissing it as nothing more than background noise, and continue to do as they please.

Far too many groups appear to believe the definition of unity is separatism. “We’ll form a group to demand what we want,” says Group A.

“We feel the same,” says Group B, “but not all your views match ours, so we’ll form our own, separate group.”

And so it goes, on and on.

Unity has only one definition, so strive to stand by that definition. Unity will only work to achieve freedom when all of the oppressed, down-trodden, and forgotten stand united as a whole, regardless of race, colour, religion and sexual orientation. Be one body, speaking with one clear voice, and a government will have no choice but to take notice, to listen to your words.

Do not demand your rights. Your rights already belong to you, they are not a government’s reward system, to be handed out like party favours to those who please them. Remind a government of this, and demand instead that they do as they were elected to do. Demand they cease to be self-serving, and instead revert back to the democratic ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’.

You want freedom through unity? Then work for it. Stop being so self-centred. Stop being so selfish about your own, individual needs. Put aside your differences, forget your prejudices. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters from the human race, and speak with one loud and clear voice.

Together we are we, and we will be free.

Just sayin’…

Rant over.

As always, that shallot.




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Take. Your. Time.

Today I was going to post a short story I had written last week. It was the first of a series of stories based on a video game (yes, I’m a gamer, have been for the last 35 years).

But… well, my computer ate it. Seriously, it’s vanished into thin air. But no matter, I can rewrite it. There’s no rush, no deadline to be met, and on a positive note, rewriting will hopefully improve upon the original.

It got me thinking though, again, of how most people these days are in a rush, they want everything immediately, they need instant gratification. Which reminded me of a blog post I wrote quite some time ago. So, in the absence of a new story, I’ve decided to repost that brief rant I had.

Over the next few days I’ll attempt to recreate my missing story. Though it may take longer. There is, after all, no rush.

A Take Your Time Rant.

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A ‘Take Your Time’ Rant.

What’s all this I keep seeing about people not having a lot of spare time during their day to read, and so authors should not make books too long, and make sure to hustle the plot along. Shorter, faster paced books are what the modern reader demands. Really?


If a person only has time to read, say, for 45 minutes a day, then they’ll spend that time, well, reading. Regardless of the length of the book, eventually they’ll reach the end. Does it really matter how many 45 minute reading sessions it takes to reach the final page? For reach it they undoubtedly will. Then they can move on to the next book on their ‘to read’ list. Nobody said you have to finish a book in one sitting, therefore making long books obsolete and unwanted.

Or did they? Have I missed something somewhere? Is there maybe a competition being held to see who can read the most books in the least amount of time? Is there now some sort of penalty involved if you fail to read ‘X’ amount of pages in ‘X’ amount of days? Are friends now comparing ‘books read’ lists, much like kids used to compare football and baseball cards?

“Last month I read 6 books!” says Friend A.

“Yeah? Well that’s nothing. When I finish this book that will make 9 for the month!” replies Friend B.

Again, why? Has the culture of instant gratification now seeped into the world of the written word? Has the need to finish and move on to the next book as soon as possible now surpassed the need to enjoy, absorb, and experience the words on the pages before us?

If you really do have so little time in your life that you don’t want to ‘waste’ it reading, then watch the film of the book. I guarantee it won’t be as good or as enjoyable (and just why did they cast him in the lead role? That’s not how I imagined him…) but at least it will all be over in 2 hours or less. Then you can move on to the next one. And the next. Really build that ‘books not read but the films have been watched so it’s all good’ list to epic proportions.

While you’re doing that, I’m going to curl up with a nice long novel, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, unwind, and relax. I’m going to lose myself in another world, spend time with interesting characters, some of whom, over time, have become good friends. Maybe I’ll even help save a fair maiden or two. And above all, I’m going to take my bloody time about it and savour the author’s work. The next book on my ‘to read’ list can damn well wait until I’m good and ready.

Just sayin’.

Rant over.



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