Bob’s Bad Day

Bob’s Bad Day – A Short Story (work in progress)

Meet Bob. Six foot four and almost as wide. Overweight, underwashed. Greasy hair, rotten teeth. He nevertheless considers himself to be God’s gift to women. Used to using his size to intimidate, he loves to throw his weight around, bullying, insulting everybody in order to get his own way. His temper is always on a short fuse, and he relishes in his hot flashes of anger.

Bob drives a tow truck all day, and spends his nights drinking in his local bar, telling tall tales of his daily conquests of various women, and putting everybody and everything else down. Bigoted in the worst way imaginable, Bob hates every race, every religion, every genre in music and film that doesn’t agree with his own dubious tastes. Foul mouthed, sexist, and practising every -ism known to man, Bob trundles through life, causing upset wherever he goes.

But Bob is heading for a very, very bad day.

Karma is a bitch, and she’s about to introduce herself to Bob in the worst way imaginable for him.


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