Bus 104 (horror/short)

Bus 104

Porter hates his job.

He hasn’t started it yet, but he already hates it. It’s a dead end job. It’s 30 miles away. He doesn’t drive. It’s not even 6 am yet, and he’s freezing his arse off waiting at a bus stop. The commute takes 90 minutes to get there. And 90 minutes back. That’s 3 hours of his life wasted, every day, on a rattling, smelly bus. For a job he knows he’s going to loathe.

But for Porter, and the other passengers, the trip is going to take considerably longer. It is going to be a trip into their worst nightmares. A trip that will make them reassess what they think they know about this world. A trip that will make them question their own sanity. A trip which, for some, will only require a one way ticket.

Bus 104 is now departing.

Please purchase your ticket from the driver, and take a seat.

Make yourself comfortable, this is going to be a long ride.



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