Fixing Benjamin

imageFixing Benjamin.

Gary’s life has fallen apart.

The sudden, unexpected death of his precious and beautiful four year old son Benjamin has hit him hard. Benjy had been his life, and Gary had been the proudest of proud fathers.

But now Gary is lost to despair, and struggling to cope. To compound his misery, June, Gary’s wife of ten years, has moved in with her mother. Benjy’s death was Gary’s fault, that much she had made painfully clear. The shock discovery of the brain tumour had been Gary’s fault. It had been his fault the tumour was inoperable. It was his fault because he hadn’t fixed it.

But Gary has a plan. He will prove himself to be the man June always wanted him to be. Blissfully unaware his grief is spiralling rapidly out of control and descending dangerously close to the edge of insanity, Gary sets about his brilliant idea, conjured one night in the depths of an alcohol induced fervour.

The Internet contains all knowledge, isn’t that what they say? Gary is pretty sure it’s true. Coupled with the knowledge he’d gained in the pursuit of his lifelong hobby, Gary is convinced he’s on to a winner. June had always said his hobby was childish. He will prove her wrong this time, he was sure.

He WILL win the love and respect of his disapproving wife.

He WILL regain the happy family life he had so briefly known.

He WILL get his life back on the happiness track.

But to gain all of that, he must first start by…

…Fixing Benjamin.


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