Romany Skies

Romany Skies – Part One of the Sam Creedy Chronicles (work in progress)

  image As a twenty year old, Samuel Edward Creedy was an enthusiastic aspiring author, and began writing a fantasy novel, with elves and giants, humans and dragons, shining cities and tiny villages. He wrote his then future wife into the tale as the land’s beautiful Queen, but due to a lack of confidence, and a callous remark about his idea by a once favourite author, the book remained unfinished, gathering dust and forgotten in a dark desk drawer.

 Now forty something, Sam Creedy is a moderately successful writer of bad crime novels. After the tragic death of his wife and young son three years previously, he has been unable to write anything worthwhile, and is slowly spiralling down into depression and the warm embrace of alcohol.

 An unfortunate accident involving the dog of a strange old man, sees the old man cursing Sam… literally. With the enigmatic words “you failed to finish a world, now mayhap that world will finish you”, he picked up the body of his dog and disappeared into the nearby woods. Although still shaken from the accident, Sam was mildly amused when he realised the old man had supposedly put a curse on him.

 Unfortunately for Sam, the curse was real, and he awakes the following morning in a very strange place. Eventually he comes to realise that this is the world of his long forgotten fantasy novel, and just as the story was left unfinished, so this new world he finds himself in is also unfinished. It is a world with no future, a world grinding slowly to a halt, a world slowly decaying.

 He meets Connor Cantil, a young man who claims to have recently escaped from slavery, and is now desperately travelling the land in search of his one true love, Lisa. Sceptical of Sam’s story of how he came to be there, Connor nevertheless points out that if Sam is the creator of this world, then he surely, somehow, has the ability to save it. Sam, meanwhile, is intrigued by Connor’s description of the Queen and her young son, descriptions that match those of his dead wife and son, and also their sudden disappearance three years ago…

 Forming a shaky alliance, the two men team up in the pursuit of their individual quests. Connor to find his true love once more, and Sam to find a way of saving this once beautiful land. Sam also sets his mind on trying to find the missing Queen and her son, for if they are who he thinks they are, then maybe, just maybe, he can also save himself.


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