The Key (short/mystery/horror)

A long dead pirate’s secret. A comet, blazing a red trail across the sky. A mysterious key, with no known origin, and no known lock for it to open.

These three things together lead to the disappearance of Jon’s younger brother Mike.

Thirty years later, long years filled with accusations and guilt, see Jon return to the place where Mike was last seen, where the anguish of the years first started for the now middle-aged man.

The pirate’s secret is still known. Another comet streaks the sky, this time silver instead of blood red. A sign? An ominous portent?

The key, long vanished, has reappeared.

Jon hopes these three things together will now lead him to the truth. Hopes with all his heart they will lead to his long lost brother.

Above all, he hopes The Key will lead to his own redemption.


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